Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Organize The Electric Power Cables Mess in Your Car is Possible

As your car might not have the electric power cables mess like your desktop space, it has lately become a hub for multiple technologies than it is intended to handle. In this post, you will learn the best way to keep those stray chargers, audio cables, and everything else under control. This will help you in riding right without fighting with wires and you can easily concentrate on the road.

Some cars are only subjected to two cables – a 3.5 mm stereo audio cable that plugs into the auxiliary input of the car and a charger for your phone. Nonetheless, these cables would get tangled and sometimes it is so hardly tangled that you cannot lift the hand break without sending your phone into the back seat. 

So, there are some ways to keep you stress free by organizing your cables-

•    Device Docking Trick:
The most critical task is to find a place to dock your handset. You can make out one for yourself with free office supplies. All the experts use this deck as it is superb and only takes 20-30 minutes to make.

While the dock was intended to clip on to your air conditioner vent, experts discovered that this is not possible in every model of vehicle and it is not the ideal location in case you have got cables running out of your music player or phone.

The place where you will clip this thing is going to rely on the design of your car model. Kindly select the place nearby your driving seat as it will make it easy for you to grab your phone and prevent flying of cables everywhere.

You can even apply tape and keep cables in place together

Gaffer’s tape is a type of tape used in the movies for distinct purposes, one of which is bounding cables to the ground, so they don’t move around and people don’t fall down. You can avail this product in many colors and each roll has enough tape.

You can even rely on retractable cables

Retractable cables are useful products and can be applied in a car. You can plug in these cables and pull them through the opening. The opening is tiny for the cable heads to pass through and so they just remain there until you use them. This will avoid the mess of Electric Power Cables in your vehicle.

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