Monday, 16 November 2015

Instrumentation Control cables And Their Varied Apps In Multiple Industries

Transportation network, construction business, rail networks and various other automation industries need specific types of cable which are known as control cables. These are special cables due to their working network also for the great strength.

Different types of control cables in India

There is a great variety of control cables present in the international market but still control cable India is popular among all other cables. There are several kinds of control cable present in the market but CY, SY and YY cables. These cables are also known as flexible instrumentation cables. We prefer these cables for controlling, regulating and measuring of the construction or for the discussed applications.

control cables India


CY, SY and YY control cables

Control cables are present in a great variety but they all are different from each other. The main difference between the YY Flex, CY Control cables and SY Cables will be discussed further in this blog and we hope that this could help you to understand them in a better way.

If we want work with light mechanical work then YY flex is the most suitable option for such tasks. If we want to protect the control cables from external electromagnetic effect or influence then CY control cables are good for such mechanical stress.

But tough and strong mechanical protection work can easily handle with the SY Flex control cable India. These types of control cables are braid and suitable for our tasks. But we have to make a wise choice for our business.

If you did not choose a correct option then this is not be applicable wisely for your business. Designers of the cables design them accordingly to the different business and these cables are popular due their high strength and collective nature.

They are bounded with the polymer sheet which makes them more strong and suitable for various purposes. Rail networks, transport tasks need strong cable connection for their proper and sufficient working.


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