Tuesday, 12 September 2017

XLPE Power Cables Manufacturers Sharing Conserving Energy and Reducing Noise Tips

One of the greatest challenges for XLPE power cables manufacturers is ensuring that production lines deliver the efficient performance, void of downtime and quality control issues. To acquire such performance, cable manufacturers suggest production units to use variable frequency drives or VFDs, which are designed to control motor speed and deliver more production control and flexibility. There are three key benefits of VFDs:
·         Enhanced process control
VFDs let users to instantly adjust inverter-duty motor speeds to hold changes in the process or load. The regulation of speed is typically +/-2% with Volts/Hertz control and under 0.1% or ideal tolerance with closed loop vector control.
·         Energy Savings
If a motor runs at its full capacity continuously, there is a chance for significant waste of electrical energy and this will bring you more electricity bill. With VFDs, the motor will be able to match its speed with the load requirements. This will help in eliminating the electricity waste related to mechanical regulation such as a throttle valve. You can avail VFDs for motors of any size.
·         Reduced wear and tear
Many motors function on same mechanism- either on or off- since, they have one speed at which they perform, even if the requirement of speed is low. This results in equipment stress and a shorter shelf life. VFDs make the start soft and ease the mechanical stress of a full-voltage start. You can also run VFD systems at lower speeds as it will make them less prone to overheating, and therefore you will need lesser maintenance services.
Not everything is great about VFD. There is one drawback to use them- electrical noise that can affect other equipment pieces. This disrupts the manufacturing process and contributes to downtime and quality control issues. Engineers can avail the great benefits of VFD cables while eliminating the related issues.
Manufacturers of cables should include basic elements needed for producing VFD cables. The design considerations include copper levels, ground sizes, cable length and shielding material.
For more updates on VFDs, you can approach XLPE power cables manufacturers any time and ask for details. Many manufacturers across the world explain distinct ranges of wires and cables to make the clients understand about the functions and objective of the cable design. You can find them online and send mail regarding your requirements. 

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