Monday, 13 June 2016

Design Consideration for Elevator Traveling Cables

Every time when expert team thinks of design considerations for elevator traveling cables, the important features to focus on are flexibility, abrasion resistant, flame resistant, able to withstand different temperatures etc. The elevator cables are designed so perfectly that minimum strain on copper conductors can be assured. Further, it should be supported by steel metal to provide extra strength and resistivity.

elevator cables

Design considerations

The cables can be made more flexible by selection of appropriate materials and sturdy construction. Insulating wires generally aid more flexibility to the product either cables are flat or round. Cables are always designed in such way that it should not be twisted even when heavy loads are applied over it. For extra loads, there would be vibration during travel.

As level of vibrations would increase, there are chances of damage or unexpected accidents. Here, hoist way with elevator cables has to be decided carefully. The perfect size of hoist way not only reduces vibration but make travel safe as expected by users. Experts use most innovative techniques to control presence of torsion content inside.

  • For round cables, generally low torsion value is expected. At the same time, for flat cables torsion content should be larger when compared to round cables.
  • Finally, mathematical ratio of cable and conductors used inside will decide on actual performance of cables. SO this would not be saying wrong that cables should always be designed or manufactured carefully based on different round or flat configurations.
  • Different properties are addressed in different ways by opting for quality materials and insulating cables with jackets or other similar mediums. In case, thermoplastic material is used then it is not only cost effective but assures maximum performance for products too.
  • For different applications, special type of polymers can also be used to assure best performance characteristics as required for the project. 
  • For the products where extra abrasion resistance is required polyurethane coating is considered more effective than others. 
In this way, these are some of the best design considerations to make your elevator traveling cables stronger and efficient.


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