Thursday, 28 July 2016

How to Select Wires for Solar Panels Solar Cables Manufacturers will Explain

The size and the use of solar cable are critical and any negligence can result in worse situation. Solar cables manufacturers will make you to go through every little detail in this post. In case you are not feeling confident to handle the situation, you can make call for professional assistance and get instant help of qualified electrician having knowledge of 12 volt solar systems.

Manufacturers offer complete catalogues that have distinct sizes and types of cables, but there are wires that are doing better job than others. Here we will discuss about wiring for 12 volt DC circuits that are found in cars, boats, caravans, and solar systems.

The type of wire used in solar panels system

Manufacturers install electrical wire that has one of two types of conductor, which is the central metal wire core. One is single stranded conductor and other is multi stranded conductor.

Multi stranded conductor VS single core conductor

Single core conductor is just one strand, which is employed in domestic wiring. This single strand wire can weaken and fracture under vibration and this is why these are installed in domestic wiring projects only. Multi stranded conductors are installed in the systems that may have to face continuous vibration, such as boats, vehicles, and airplane. But good part is that multi stranded conductors perform better under continuous vibration.

Cables and wires supplied by manufacturers are rated and have a maximum current rating that should never be exceeded. These ratings are made according to current rating that can safely pass along it. If the wire is thicker, it will have the higher current.

In case you own two or multiple solar modules to wire in series, you can use MC4 connectors with convenience. The make MC4 connector is related to the positive lead and female connector is related to the negative lead. However, some manufacturers do not follow this same case and for such situation, it is suggested to look at the markings on the junction box or test the polarity of the wire using a digital volt meter. When you make the connection, the male connector will snap directly into female connector. This is how the voltage of the circuit gets increased.

If it is your first time that you are using solar modules, you need to be a bit careful. These are expensive products and nobody wants to buy a costly cable that doesn’t meet the length requirement after its being cut. It is not possible to return the cut wires. You must know the apt length and its use to connect your panels together.

For more updates regarding solar cables or power cables, contact solar cable manufacturers today. They are dealing with regular queries regarding solar cables and supplying their range of products to worldwide customers.

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