Monday, 25 December 2017

Important Guidelines for Selection of Extension Cords

Extension cords are easy way to run electricity through electrical devices. However, USB extension cables manufacturers tell that using these cords without proper caution can become a fire hazard and bring your personal safety at risk. Thus, they bring some useful tips to help keep your home and family safe against fire mishaps. These tips are categorized into – cords selection, extension cords use, and extension cords care. Let’s discuss them all in detail-
Selection of extension cords
There are some important guidelines that you must follow while buying extension cords. These are as follows-
  • Buying only standard cords that have been approved by some independent testing laboratory.
  • You need to use only those extension cords for outdoor purposes which are marked
  • You need to follow strict guidelines while using extension cords that are printed on the label. You must know the proper amount of power it uses during operation.
  • Select extension cords that are relevant to handling the devices wattage with which they’ll be used. The gauge of the cord reveals its size- the smaller the number means the larger the wire and the cord can handle the more electrical current.
  • You must know the right required length. Since longer cords are difficult to handle and shorter cords as well, you must check the size before buying the cord.
  • Make selection for cords among polarized or three-prong plugs
  • If you want cord for larger application, thick, round and low gauge extension cords will work best. For smaller appliances, you can select thin or flat cords.
Use of extension cords
If you make judicial and safe use of extension cords, no fire mishaps will ever occur. Some tips on using extension cords are as under-
  • You should never remove the grounding pin of extension cord to fit it into a two-prong socket.
  • You should not power on multiple appliances with single cord
  • Never plug multiple cords together
  • Never bend the cord when you are using them
  • Always cover the unused cord with childproof covers
  • Stop using extension cords if they feel hot to touch

How to care?
You should always store your extension cord inside. Never leave the cord into plug if you are not using them. Discard the damaged cords. Always pull the plug instead of cord when disconnecting from the outlet.
These are some great tips shared by USB extension cables manufacturers to use, care and buy supreme extension cords from the market.

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