Monday, 29 February 2016

PVC Insulated Electric Power Cables Catering Major Industries Throughout The World

Cables and wires are essentials for transmission and distribution of power electricity. These products are extensively used in distribution systems, substations, house wiring, industrial installations, and street lighting. Makers and suppliers of PVC electric power cables are recognized in the market for their exclusive range of wire and cables that is used as a medium for electricity distribution.

Industries are more willing to switch to PVC power cables for electrification and colonization. A few industries are -
  • Coal industry
  • Railways
  • Electricity boards
  • Housing boards
  • Power stations
Manufacturers are adhering to strict quality norms to stay in competitive market and gain more business. They used to check and ensure the performance of power cables in their units with the help of testing team. It is mandatory for entrepreneurs to test their products before making them available in the market.

How electronics industry controls pollution?
  • In the industry, gases and fumes are released when engineers perform hand soldering, dip soldering, wave soldering- these are hazardous to workforce and environment and the final products. But technology has introduced several new fluxes that contain 2-10% solids which is lesser than conventional solids (15-35%).
  • The industry utilizes CFC, Methyl Chloroform, and Carbon Tetrachloride for cleaning of printed circuit boards to expel flux waste left after soldering and other foams for packing.
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