Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Electric Power Cables – Classification And Its Uses

Electric Power Cables are used extensively throughout the civilization and they are specially designed to give maximum safety to men. When you would look around almost all equipments are operated through electricity today and electric power cables are intended to regulate that flow. The other common term is electric wire. The difference between wire and cable is that wire has only single conductor while electric power cable has multiple conductors inside.

Electric Power Cables

Let us have a close look on electric power cable types and their uses now -

  • First common type is non-metallic “NM” electric power cable that is considered good choice for dry location. It is usually mounted inside walls and comprised of three wires. First is hot wire that conducts current, second common type is ground wire and last one is neutral wire. The next version of NM cables comprised of four wires inside a single casing.
  • Next is large application cable that is very much similar to non-metallic wire but consists of a group of wires inside. All wires are twisted together and wrapped in the black plastic cover.
  • Third is twisted power cable where two hot wires are twisted together without any extra insulation medium. The main objective of using electric power cable is signal transmission across the network. To know more on electric power cables, contact leading manufacturers.
  • Last common type is multi color cable i.e. MC cables. These cables are good for home appliances and made up of several conductors having insulation layer over it. These cables are 100 percent safe in use and easy to install. These cables are suitable for indoor installations only so you should never use them outdoor otherwise they will break down or damage quickly.


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