Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Rare Report - Is it Possible to Cure Arthritis with Electricity?

What do power cable manufacturers say about it?

Latest technology is carving new niche in medical industry where scientists use small electric-shock generating device to activate a nerve that is responsible for controlling the immune system. Power cable manufacturers are excited about this news because this is something uncommon and rare thing ever heard by them. The devices is implanted on the side of the neck, and switched on for a minute every day to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. This type of arthritis develops when the immune system attacks the joints mistakenly.

The device is not huge and heavy but a coin-sized gadget that provide relief for some pain sufferers for whom no medicines have worked. Talking to a woman, who had been in a lot of pain that she struggled to walk throughout the room, experts get to know that she got her normal life back. Now she goes to biking, takes her dog on the walking and drives car. Something magical she has experienced.

There are over millions of patients of rheumatoid arthritis. The wrists, toes, fingers, knees, and ankles are particularly susceptible. Women are three times as likely to be affected as men.

It happens when people do not get results with medicines. Annual course of medicines costs them a lot and bring risk factors like heart attack and strokes. But this gadget is expected to be cheaper and many hoped that it will be safer to use the gadget.

At present, scientists are testing the gadget and till now, they have made reports on 17 rheumatoid arthritis patients who have used the gadget in a one-hour operation. Once in place, the gadget generated tiny electric shocks for one and four minutes each day.

The electric shocks helped in activation of the vagus nerve that runs through the body, connecting the brain to the major organs, and cut production of the immune system chemicals that are responsible for rheumatoid arthritis.

Any side effect observed?

No, there were no major side effects observed by scientists. However, patients slightly felt tingling sensation and their voice trembled when the device was turned on.

This similar approach is already used to treat epilepsy and scientists hope that in future, this technology could be a savior that would treat other illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease.

This is very new thing for power cable manufacturers. Scientists will source raw materials for this gadget from manufacturers and exporters in the market. 

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