Friday, 16 February 2018

How multicore wiring specialists able to survive in tough market?

The secret lies in their extensive package of value-added services offered to customers! Raw materials cost are at an all-time high and consumers want the cheap and best product to use. For them, the product is a commodity and thus, market players have to play creative with the value-added services. In this post, we will tell you how multicore cables suppliers are able to survive in this fierce competition.

Multicore Cables

The world of specialty wires and cable distributors work and consider the four C’s – copper, commodity, competition, and consolidation. Wire and cable specialists have carved out a niche in wholesale market of electrical since they are great at job handling of hundreds of varieties of wire and cables compared to full-line electrical distributors.

These professionals survive and thrive as it is so tough for full-line electrical distributors to stock, track, and manage cables and wires. This is why these products rack in the warehouse.

Why it is hard to handle cables and wires for distributors?

Blame on the fittings, boxes, lamps, lighting fixtures and other fragile products that need to be handled carefully to prevent any damage, dent or ding. Distributors have to use sturdy, stackable corrugated packaging boxes that can be easily moved around a warehouse using forklift or hand truck. Selling wire and cable can offer a complete electrical distributor fits for various reasons –
  • The cable lengths on wire reels are changing since customers make orders by the foot and do not buy whole reel
  • Present environment of copper is evolving that is making wire and cable inventory value unstable
  • Conventional distribution software packages face difficulty in tracking and managing wire and cable due to their constantly changing parameters. 

How specialists of wire and cables can make tomorrow land for wire industry?

As electrical distributors filter their businesses to operate as precisely as possible, logistical expertise wire and cable specialists could assist distributors in slashing their operating costs and enhance their service levels.

There are some critical services that cable and wire specialists can use to stand out from crowd-
  1. Attain required expertise to match right cable to unusual applications
  2. Cut wire to length
  3. Customize cable for clients
  4. Stock oddball lengths
  5. Bundle cables for certain job applications
  6. Allow distributors to invest in the stock customers orders
  7. Provide online order tracking
  8. Make distributors learn about handling wire inventory in efficient way
  9. Provide distributors skills to use right wire management equipment for their warehouse
Multicore cables and wires distributors are no different. They can take help of wire and cables specialists and handle their inventory at warehouse.

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